BMP High Performance Cold Patch is a polymer modified asphalt-and-aggregate patch repair product that is ready to use with no mixing or heating. Use cold patch to repair cracks and pot holes in blacktop and concrete and the surface is ready for traffic instantly!

Applying BMP High Performance Cold Patch is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. FILL - Prepare patch surface by removing loose dust, dirt and debris with a broom, make sure the base of the hole is solid, fill cold patch to a level higher than existing pavement.
  2. LEVEL - Spread cold patch evenly over patch area.
  3. TAMP - Compact with tamper, roller, vehicle wheel or plate compactor.
Stockpiling BMP High Performance Cold Patch must be placed on a clean pad of HMA or concrete. Do not permit BMP High Performance Cold Patch to become contaminated with any other materials, including dust, as contamination will shorten stockpile life and reduce workability in sub-freezing temperatures.
BMP High Performance Cold Patch Guarantee:
  1. 90% of all BMP patches will stay in place for the normal life of the surrounding pavement when patches are properly applied (see stages 1-3) and the stockpile is properly stored.
  2. BMP High Performance Cold Patch will remain workable in sub-freezing temperatures when stockpile is properly maintained.
  3. BMP High Performance Cold Patch will perform well, even in wet conditions.
  4. BMP High Performance Cold Patch requires no primer coat.

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