BMP High Performance Cold Patch is a polymer modified, emulsion and aggregate patch repair product. Use BMP High Performance Cold Patch to repair cracks and pot holes in blacktop and concrete and the surface is ready for traffic. Call our dispatch service at (260) 587-9113 for fast delivery of any quantity. Or, to save money on transportation, customers ordering large quantities may purchase the liquid emulsion only. For customers who mix their own cold patch, the following instructions and specifications must be followed.

General instructions
BMP High Performance Cold Patch must conform to standards set by ASTM International (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials Bit-Mat recommends that cold patch be mixed in various grades, including one grade that will enable a stockpile to remain pliable and workable at –15ºF. For specific instructions on how to create grades, call Bit-Mat at (260) 587-9113. If proper mixing instructions are followed, cold patch will be capable of maintaining adhesive qualities in areas which are damp at time of application, and after being stored in an uncovered stockpile for up to 6 months.
Emulsions Specifications
BMP High Performance Cold Patch emulsion conforms to the following ASTM Specifications:
ASTM D-1310 Flash Point (Tap Open Cup) 200ºF Minimum
ASTM D-2170 Kisematic Viscosity at 60ºC (140ºF)


ASTM D-96 Water 0.2% Maximum
ASTM D-402

Distillate Test (Volume of original sample):

  To 225ºC (437ºF)


  To 260ºC (500ºF) 0-5%
  To 315ºC (600ºF) 0-25%
  Residue from distillate at 360ºC (680ºF) 72-95%
Tests on residue from distillation:
ASTM D-2171 Absolute Viscosity at 60ºC (140ºF)
125-425 Poises
ASTM D-5 Penetration
200 Minimum
ASTM D-113 Ductility at 4ºC (39ºF) , 1cm / mm 100 Minimum
ASTM D-2042 Solubility in Trichloroethylene 99.0% Minimum
Aggregate Specification
ASTM C-136 requirements for stone size #89 or #9
Sieve Size (Metric) #89 Percent Passing #9 Percent Passing
3/8 inch (9.5 mm) 90-100 100
Number 4 (4.75 mm) 20-55 85-100
Number 8 (2.36 mm) 5-30
Number 16 (1.18 mm) 0-10
Number 50 (500 mm) 0-5 0-5
ASTM C-88 Soundness Loss (sodium-5 cycles): 12.0% Maximum
ASTM C-131 Los Angeles Abrasion loss: 40.0% Maximum
ASTM C-117 –200 Sieve (by wash): 2.0% Maximum
ASTM C-127, 128 Absorption: 1.0%-2.5%
ASTM C-127, 128 Specific Gravity
Other Deleuerises Meter:
ASTM C-125 Soft Pieces 3.0% Maximum
ASTM C-295 Coal and Lignite 1.0% Maximum
ASTM Shale, Chert, Shady Material, etc.
2.5% Maximum
Ready To Order?
To order BMP High Performance Cold Patch, call our 24-hour dispatch service at (260) 587-9113 or contact us for more detailed information.
Composition of Mixture
A mixture of BMP High Performance Cold Patch must consist of an emulsion and aggregate conforming to the specifications on Spec Sheet 3a, and mixed in such a manner as to contain 120lbs. of bituminous material per finished ton (6%). The formula must not vary from the following minimum and maximum ranges:
  Mimimum Maximum
Job mix formula 5.5% (110 lbs/ton) 6.5% (130 lbs/ton)
By Extraction 3.5% 7.0%

Preparation of Mixture

It may be necessary to heat the component parts to aid the mixing process. The temperature of aggregates SHOULD NOT EXCEED 170 DEGREES F. The emulsion may be heated to temperatures of 150-225oF in accordance with the instructions of a Bit-Mat representative. The aggregate and emulsion should then be mixed until all of the aggregate is uniformly coated.
Plant and Equipment
Storage facilities and equipment used in the preparation of the cold patch mixture must be approved by Bit-Mat. An approved dryer must be available for drying aggregate when needed. The materials for individual batches must be measured accurately by volume or by weight using approved methods and equipment. A batch type mixer of approved design and capacity should be used to mix the materials. However, approval for the use of a continuous mixer or portable pug mill may be given if it can be shown that satisfactory results will be obtained.
Stripping Test
Immediately after mixing, the mixture must meet the requirements of ASTM 1664, whereby not more than 5% of the aggregate remain uncoated.
BMP High Performance Cold Patch must be placed on a clean pad of HMA or concrete. Do not permit cold patch to become contaminated with any other materials, including dust, as contamination will shorten stockpile life and reduce workability in sub-freezing temperatures.
Handling Precautions
During the production of BMP High Performance Cold Patch normal industry safety precautions must be observed. As examples, smoking and any other source or ignition, spark or open flame, must be prohibited in the vicinity of mixing operations.
  1. 90% of all BMP High Performance Cold Patch will stay in place for the normal life of the surrounding pavement where patches are properly applied (see steps 1-3) and the stockpile is properly stored.
  2. BMP High Performance Cold Patch will remain workable in sub-freezing temperatures when a stockpile is properly maintained.
  3. BMP High Performance Cold Patch will perform well, even in wet conditions
  4. BMP High Performance Cold Patch requires no primer coat.

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